You spend how much on cores every year?

Yes! This is a slitter rewinder built in the USA to produce Coreless POS Rolls!



Ideal for producing rolls for hand held POS systems!


made-in-usaAmerican made in Sarasota, Florida.  They are built to last for low maintenance to eliminate the need to purchase costly service kits just to keep the machine running year after year. We demand the finest quality materials from our suppliers so you can maximize the return on your investment. 



Up to 1 meter maximum web width available

  • 40% More paper on a 50' roll
  • 25% More paper on a 85' roll
  • Up to 1 meter maximum web width available
  • 5/16” rewind mandrel
  • Color touch screen PLC
  • 3" minimum web width
  • 5/16" minimum rewind diameter
  • 5" maximum rewind diameter
  • Designed to run both cores & coreless. (small roll)
  • No load cells, dancer or separate tension control needed.
  • Shear slitting section (includes 2.25" knife & spacer set)
  • Automatic cut off
  • Automatic tucking
  • Automatic Spot Glue
  • End of roll inker.
  • Currently rated for 830 fpm.
  • 43" maximum unwind diameter.
  • 3" Tidland Series 800 Unwind Shaft
  • Montalvo KL Safety Chucks
  • Montalvo V series Pneumatic Air Brake
  • Roll stripper & Roll Pounder is an available option.
  • Wired to customer specified electricity
  • Ideal for label stock and other narrow web applications.
  • Requires 90 psi of air.
  • Custom builds available.

Coreless thermal POS paper, label slitter rewinder made in the USA, Modern Manufacturing, World Leader in Tailored Packaging Equipment Solutions